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Leaving the Family Pod 2015-6-21 by Kerrie Durham

The Traveling Dolphin Leaves her Family Pod

How I coped with leaving my family and beginning my 2 month trip through Peru and Ecuador - through code!

And so it has begun! My friend Charlotte and I have boarded our flight for Lima, the capital...

Upcoming Trip to Peru 2015-6-14 by Kerrie Durham

Editor’s Note: Kerrie is already in Peru! We’re a few days behind in posting her updates.

How I am going to keep track of everything

I am counting down the days until I board my flight to the captial of Peru!! I wrote a small program that will display...

My Arsenal 2015-6-7 by Kerrie Durham

In about a week I will be taking a one way flight to Lima, Peru armed with nothing more than a daypack and the smallest Dell Chromebook I have ever seen. For the past month before my trip I have been familiarizing myself with the chromebook and with...

Introduction 2015-6-1 by Kerrie Durham

The beginning of Travel Labs

Life is full of surprises. Four years ago, if I was told that one day I would be writing a travel blog about coding, I would have laughed. Four years ago I was herding cows in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, living with...